Full-Figured, Fun & Unique....

Introducing... Our Limited-Edition Release: Fumé Bob

Fumé Bob is rich and playful with a touch of sweetness, just like it's namesake, our pet steer Bob. Notes of apricot, pear and lime zest are balanced with a hint of minerality and fresh gardenia. It's excellent on its own or serves as the perfect accompaniment to a range of foods including Southest Asian, Latin, Cheese courses, and anything off the grill!

2011 Fumé Bob

Content: 100% Sauvignon Blanc

Alcohol: 14.5%

Production: 160 Cases

$17 / bottle
$184 / case
$20 / poster
Painting by Dennis Ziemienski




Bob was a two-week-old orphan when Alexa brought him home to the ranch and she wasn't even sure he would survive without his mom and her fresh milk. After bottle-feeding him several times a day, his rapid growth and attitude confirmed he was going to make it. Soon he graduated to a mix of milk and grass and began demanding the regular neck scratches he had grown accustomed to. At 2400 pounds, it now requires a large garden rake for his neck scratchings, which he still waits for. Bob has little respect for fences, and has been known to walk right through them when tempted with ripe grapes on the other side. We've found him more than once, unfazed by the barbed wire, devouring vine after vine of ripe fruit. His preference for full fruit flavors and his frequent bucking sprees make him the perfect mascot for our new wine. Thank you Bob for your inspiration. Cheers!

From the Winemaker....

Everyone who has met Bob knows he's a sweetheart and so is his namesake wine. Luscious and fruity, with lots of honeydew melon and ripe pear, this easygoing wine is the quintessential quaff of summer at Beltane, or anywhere else. Soft and subtle, with a spice quality in the background that's reminiscent of old-fashioned drugstore stick candy...horehound, maybe? Whatever it is, its delicious and will go well with summer salads, spicy foods and a comfy chaise lounge. -Kevin Holt

Growing & Winemaking Notes

The 2011 sauvignon blanc grapes in Fumé Bob were harvested in late September, after developing their full fruit flavor. Fumé Bob begins the vinification process in the same style as our Estate Sauvignon Blanc, though just before it entirely completes fermentation it is chilled down to retain its round fruit flavors. The final product is complex, full-bodied and balanced. The style is all Bob.

Food Pairing

Fumé Bob is excellent on its own or served with cheese, and it compliments a range of cuisines. At the ranch we've enjoyed it with homemade guacamole, wood-fired heirloom tomato pizza, curried shrimp, and it's always a picnic favorite.


Fumé Bob is available at Yeti in Glen Ellen, Taste of the Himalayas in Sonoma and retails at Sonoma Market & Glen Ellen Vilage Markets.